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Software Research Institute

The Software Research Institute (SRI) was established with the goal to develop a leading edge research capability in TUS and to act as a catalyst to spur innovation through applied research collaboration with industrial partners. The Software Research Institute (SRI) conducts research across cybersecurity, cloud-edge computing, network protocols, immersive multimedia systems, robotic control and multi-robot collaboration. SRI also performs cross-discipline research through collaboration with the Materials Research Institute and Bioscience Research Institute to apply AI technologies in the specific domains.

SRI hosts the COMAND technology gateway, a research initiative whose goal is to foster assist companies develop expertise and innovate in the digital media space. SRI is also a member of SFI Confirm Smart Manufacturing centre, conducting fundamental and applied research on trustworthy, intelligent and reconfigurable manufacturing systems. SRI has worked on various national and international projects funded by SFI, EI, and EC, collaborated with Irish and international partners from both academia and industry.