DT Cyber – Digital Twins for Cyber Physical Security

DT Cyber will develop a novel method for analysing CPS architectures to identify which subsystems should be included in a Digital Twin platform. This will focus on the adaption of Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) to provide an effective procedure to identify cyber and physical system components, data flows, and physical interactions to identify the appropriate boundaries of DTs that can support cyber-security monitoring of CPS subsystems. We will evaluate the use of the methodology on two case studies.
DT Cyber is a joint project between Technological University of the Shannon and Queen's University Belfast.
PIs:  Dr.Brian Lee (TUS)          Dr.Kieran McLaughlin(QUB)


CEASED – Collaborative Intrusion Detection for Smart Edge

CEASED will develop a federated anomaly detection framework to improve attack detection in smart edge hybrid information (IT) and operations technology (OT) systems such as smart manufacturing. It will use a combination of machine learning models to detect anomalous usage of attack techniques on endpoints and train the models collaboratively using federated learning.


ProvE – Provable Trusted Task Execution Framework for Proof of X in the Future Decentralised Internet

ProvE will develop a generic trusted task execution framework to facilitate diverse Decentralised Applications (DApps) in implementing application specific Proof of X functions such that these DApps can provide attestation for their services in untrusted environments. This project will use confidential computing and Blockchain smart contracts to design the framework and protocols.


LAVaTeC – Learning-based Adaptive Video Streaming System for Trailers over Wireless Channel

This project is to develop a solution for transmitting the video from the camera at the back of the trailer to the driver’s cab over wireless channels. The design will consider different road, environmental and weather conditions.