Brian Lee
Cyber Security
TUS Athlone
Brian.lee [at]
Anthony Cunningham
COMAND Manager
Innovation, Industry Collaboration
TUS Athlone
Anthony.cunningham [at]
Yuansong Qiao
Senior Research Fellow
Edge Computing & Robotics
TUS Athlone
Yuansong.Qiao [at]
Flaithri Neff
Edge Computing & Intelligent Transport
TUS Limerick
Flaithri.Neff [at]
Michael Winterburn
Cyber Security
TUS Limerick
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Ken Oakley
Cyber Security
TUS Limerick
Niall Corcoran
Artificial Intelligence
TUS Limerick
Stephen Jacob
Post Doctoral Researcher
Cyber Security
TUS Athlone
Raghav Saxena
Research Assistant
Cyber Security
TUS Athlone
Shiyu Xiao
Research Assistant
Cyber Security
TUS Athlone
Jia Yu
Visiting Scholar
Cyber Security
TUS Athlone
Research Student
Thesis Title
Qian Wang
TinyICN: Information Centric Networking for Programmable Internet of Things
Lin Zhang
Optimisation of Ethereum Transaction and Block Delivery Performance
Muhammad Babar Imtiaz
Deep Reinforcement Learning based Industrial Robotic Manipulations
Paul Lennon
Dynamic detection and countering of enterprise network cyber-attacks using reinforcement learning.
Shiyu Xiao
Design of a Context-aware Security Policy Language
Akash Rajguru
Smart contact driven resource management for edge computing
Xi Lan
Cooperative Industrial Multi Robot System using Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning
Jayasekara Navoda Kapukotuwa
Transfer Learning for Robot Control in Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Mehwish Tahir
Privacy-by-design Solutions for Visual Data Analytics in Large Scale CCTV Systems
Anan Jin
Optimisation of Decentralised Payment System for the Future Internet
Saul Gill
Optimisation of Blockchain System for Edge Computing Environments
Peng Zhang
Optimization of Distributed Deep Neural Network Deployment in Edge Environments
Mary Pidgeon
Federated AI Learning to Understand Human Emotions Via Smart Clothing and Edge Analytics
Muhammad Jehanzaib Yousuf
Human Activity Recognition in Privacy Preserved videos
Ifeoluwapo Aribilola
Threat Modeling for Privacy-Protected Surveillance Videos using Deep Learning
Syed Sahil Abbas Zaidi
Abnormal Event Detection using Drone-based Aerial Surveillance Systems with Edge Intelligence and Federated Learning
Iram Arshad
Defence of Backdoor Attacks on Deep Learning in Smart Manufacturing
Xinyu Yan
Machine Learning Algorithms for Plastics and Polymers Identification
Xiaonan He
An Efficient Video Quality Enhancement Solution for Video Streaming using Deep Learning
Franklin Rogelio Silva
Distributed Cybersecurity Anomaly Detection using Cascaded Heterogeneous AI Models
Min Li
Anomaly Detection using Multi-Source Data Fusion
Tengfei Yang
Intent Recognition of Multi-stage attack based on Deep Learning
Muhammad Naveed Abbas
A Reinforcement Learning based Multi-Robot Collaboration Framework for Autonomous Mobile Robots
Xiangyu Liu
A Decentralised Trusted Multi-Robot Coordination Systems using Blockchain
Ricardo Arcifa
Efficient Moving Target Defence for Fog-based Virtualized Manufacturing Service
Minjun Dai
A Reinforcement Learning based Task Planning Framework for Autonomous Mobile Robots in Intralogistics Scenarios
Joe Fitzpatrick
Designing a Perceptually Congruent Sonification Model using Auditory Scene Analysis Principles
Rokaia Jedir
Working Memory Constraints on Auditory Perceptual Processing in Multimodal Interface Design
Michael Connolly
Artificial Intelligence and its role in Speech Recognition
Ricard Pinsenschaum
The Spatial Audio Listening Experience using Gesture Control
Ronan O’Dea
The Perception of Reverberant Cues Encapsulated in Impulse Response Data
Patrick Duffy
A Schema Framework for Auditory-Alert System Design in Level 5 Autonomous Vehicles
Evan Quinn
The Automation of Computer Vision Applications for Real-time Combat Sports Video Analysis
Mckinley Magale
An Artificial Intelligence Model to Automate the Classification of Magnetic Resonance Images of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Degeneration